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Welcome to Reception

Our Reception teachers for 2017/18 are Mrs Harrison and Mrs Catterall.

Mrs Norgrove brought in some flowers. We talked about what they looked like. We discussed what colours they where, the different shapes we could see and the different textures. We had lots of fun painting them and as you can see we did a fantastic job! Our teachers are very proud of us!

So this term in Reception we have been looking at addition in maths, we began by adding amounts of objects, then onto number, and now we have lots of children that can add two single digits using a number line and even some that can do it in their heads!

In literacy we have thought about families, some of our children brought pictures in of them and their families and we showed then to the class. We spoke about what we like to do with our families and who lives in our homes.

In continuous provision we have been using money in our role play shop, paying for items and adding small amounts of money. We have got a sinking and floating investigation area that is encouraging lots of curiosity and experimenting. 

In our outdoor area the children have loved the potion area, mixing colours and amounts to see what they can make, this has allowed us to use language of capacity and having a guess and what colour two other colours would make. 



As part of the positive improvements happening in our school, the EYFS team have been working alongside the Local Authority to provide a more stimulating, inviting learning environment for our Reception classrooms. Improvement to the classrooms include, more enriched, spacious learning areas, with resources that entice and encourage our young learners. The displays now reflect an ECAT (Every Child a Talker) theme which focuses on provided a relaxed atmosphere for the children. We have also developed new planning and timetables, then ensure that all children have focused learning opportunities that are aimed specifically at their individual needs, the timetable allows for the perfect balance of work and play that our children need at this early stage in their school life.

We have been having lots of fun in our role play area, weighing the babies and writing forms for medicine if they are poorly. We have been building houses with different materials outside to see which was the strongest linking to our three little pigs focus.
We have continuous to learn new sounds with the majority moving onto set 2 sounds and we have been trying really hard with our writing and letter formation.

Well done to Reception who displayed fantastic behaviour on their Welly Walk on Wednesday 1st November 2017.  Our youngest children went in search of signs of Autumn and returned to school loaded with leaves, conkers and smiles on their faces!  They had a brilliant time exploring the local area and were a real credit to the school and their families.

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