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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1.
Our Year 1 teachers for 2017/18 are Mrs Rimmer and Mrs Travers. (Ms Burgess is currently teaching 1KT.)
This term, in Year 1, we are asking, “Where do the leaves go in winter?” The children will study the seasons and how the changing seasons affect a variety of plants and ourselves, determining what we wear and what we can do outdoors. They will identify and classify a variety of common plants. They will identify and describe the basic structure of plants, including the roots, stem/trunk, leaves and flowers. The children will complete a weather chart of Leigh.
In Maths, Year 1 will be developing their skills in counting objects; ordering and comparing numbers; adding and subtracting within 20 (and beyond).
Reading and writing skills will be developed in dedicated daily Phonics lessons. Our focus text is Stick Man, however we will be sharing a range of text in Phonics and Story Time lessons.
Lots of exciting visits/visitors are organised, and we have many local church visits throughout the year.
PE this term is Gymnastics and children will require their full PE kit each Wednesday.

We have been looking at roots and shoots and caring for plants. We have been measuring  in centimetres to record the progress of our beanstalks.


Mad science
Rising match stick science experiment

​​Year 1 found a mess in their classroom and followed a trail of footprints to find the culprit hiding in the library !  It’s a good job he was behaving himself when our parents came to work with us on Monday and again when local police officers came to tell us about Stranger Danger and show us their police car with all its flashing lights !

On Monday 22nd January 2018, we held our first Learning Together Session.  The Year 1 children and staff enjoyed sharing their maths lesson with families and friends.

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