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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6.

Our Year 6 teachers for 2017/18 are Mr Greaves, Miss Ramsdale and Mrs Webster.

In Year 6, the topics studied include “World War 2 – The Home Front,” “Chile,”  and “East Midlands or Yorkshire.”   All children have the opportunity to take part in an exciting photography project, culminating in a DVD with their memories of our school.

Year 6’s English topics are split into sections, Biography/Autobiography, Balanced/Unbalanced Argument,  Journalistic Writing, Stories with flashbacks,  Letter Writing, Formal/Impersonal Writing, Poetry-imagery, Historical stories from fiction genres, Explanations, Authors and texts, Play scripts, narratives and plays, Persuasive texts and Legends.

In May each year, all Year 6 pupils sit Statutory Attainment Tests (SATS), and are suitably prepared for these beforehand. The tests will be taken during the week commencing 14th May 2018 and it is crucial that all children attend school during this week.

There are a variety of visits and visitors organised to enrich each topic including local high school topic days and church services. We liaise closely with all high schools to which our pupils will be transferring, to ensure a smooth transition between settings.

Year 6 SATs Information Meeting

We are holding an information meeting on Tuesday 16th January 2018 at 6.00pm for Year 6 parents to find out more about the SATs tests, which will be undertaken by the Year 6 children in May 2018.

There will be a short presentation explaining how the children are tested and how the results are reported to parents; an opportunity to look at past SATs papers; we will also discuss how we will be preparing the children for the tests and staff will be available to answer any questions.

Leigh Spinners Trip

6NW had a fantastic day at Leigh Spinners Mill where they had the opportunity to learn about Leigh’s history.  They explored one of the mill floors, the engine room and  scutching room before creating their own moving vehicle using a similar engineering concept to that used in the mill. All children were praised by mill staff for their exemplary behaviour, with one lady commenting that they were, ‘The best behaved children they’ve ever had.’

January 2018

On 25th January 2018, our Y6 parents joined our Year 6 morning maths sessions and worked closely with their children in ‘Learning Together Workshop.’

PE – Year 6 have been practising their Basketball skills outdoors with Mr Greaves every Tuesday.

PE – Year 6 have been learning the haka, which is a traditional war cry, war dance, or challenge in Maori culture.  The children split up into 2 groups, created their dance of vigorous movements and stamped their feet whilst rhythmically shouting to each other.

My BB – Year 6 have designated time to change their books and work on My BB each week.

Geography – 6NW have been looking at Britain’s landscape and the different physical and human features. E g. A human feature is Big Ben and a physical feature is River Severn.

Geography – What are the regions of UK?

6NW have been looking at which regions make up the UK, they also found which regions had coasts and which were landlocked.  The children can all now describe what the difference is between a country and a region.

December 2017

Science – Can I create a Christmas ornament using my knowledge of electricity? 6NW were challenged to present a festive decoration to a Dragon’s Den panel who would question not only their knowledge of electrical components but their costings, durability and choices.

November 2017

Science – Can I make a circuit and read the symbols?  6NW made their own circuits using batteries, bulbs, push switches, wires, motors and buzzers.  They had great fun experimenting, preparing for their Dragon’s Den experience.

Science – Can I grow bacteria?  6NW placed a slice of bread with a few drops of water into a sealed plastic bag and observed it over a week.  By the end of the week most of the bread were covered in blue/grey mould.  Yes, we can grow bacteria!

October 2017

Science – Can I prove yeast is alive? 6NW put yeast, sugar and warm water into a cup and then carefully put a glove over the top, sealing with sellotape.  The class observed the reaction and learnt that the glove inflated because the yeast respired.  Yes, yeast is alive!!



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