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Extended Closure Work Packs

1st June 2020 Work Packs

 EYFS Home Learning 1st June.pdfDownload
 LCE Home learning Pack - Y1-2 1st June 2020.pdfDownload
 LCE Y5-6 Home Learning 1st June.pdfDownload
 LCE Year 3-4 Home learning 1st June.pdfDownload
 Spanish home learning task 1st June.pdfDownload
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April 2020 Work Packs

 EYFS April.pdfDownload
 Music - EYFS - MINIBEASTS.pdfDownload
 Music - Y5 & 6 STOMP 1.pdfDownload
 Music - Year 1 & 2 Jack and The Beanstalk Summer I.pdfDownload
 Music - Year 3 & 4 Summer 1.pdfDownload
 Y12 April.pdfDownload
 Y34 April.pdfDownload
 Y56 April.pdfDownload
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